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Capillary and Space Thermostats, IP65

These thermostats are available with fixed or adjustable differential. The various control ranges cover a broad range of temperature applications with a minimum number of models. SPDT contacts are standard on all models.


  • Liquid filled sensing element
  • Dust tight Penn switch
  • IP65 protection class
  • Front adjustment


These thermostats are designed for applications where a splash-proof and/or dust-tight enclosure is required.
Four types are available:

  • Types A19ARC are general purpose capillary thermostats
  • Types A19BRC and A19BQC are space thermostats with coiled element to be used as farm control, outdoor thermostats or in cold storage rooms
  • Types A19AQF is specially designed for milkcool-tank applications
  • Type A19AQC-9101 is specially designed for ice-bank application

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A19 - Capillary and Space Thermostats, IP65

Dimensions in mm