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2 - stage Capillary and Space Thermostats, IP30 / IP65

Controls are compact with fixed differential per stage and (on most models) adjustable differential between stages. Liquid filled element provides wide range, constant differential over whole range and no influence from barometric pressure.
Since the bulb contains the major portion of the total fill the thermostat may by considered as cross-ambient, capillary and cup temperature variations affect the operating point only slightly due to the small amount of fill they contain.

For quantity orders it is possible to have the below stated optional constructions:

  • Without case and cover for panel mounting
  • Close differential per stage
  • Different capillary lengths

All standard IP30 enclosure models have a universal way of adjustment. For this purpose a knob and sealing cap are enclosed.


  • Liquid filled sensing element
  • Dust tight Penn switch
  • IP65 protection class models available
  • Front adjustment


These thermostats are designed for various types of heating, cooling, ventilation, or air-conditioning applications. All models have two SPDT switches providing the following control possibilities:

  • 2 stage heating
  • 2 stage cooling
  • Heating/cooling with automatic changeover

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A28 - 2-stage Capillary and Space Thermostats, IP30 / IP65

Dimensions in mm