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The F61 liquid flow switches can be used in liquid lines carrying water, sea water, swimming pool water, ethylene glycol or other liquids not harmful to the specified materials.

The switches have SPDT contacts and can be wired to energise one device and de-energise another when liquid flow either exceeds or drops below the set flow rate. Pipe insert models and the T-body types for low-flow applications are available.

The IP43 versions can be used for liquid temperatures above dewpoint (for use in other environments see the Product Data Sheet).

Typical applications are to shut down the compressor on liquid chiller systems, to prove flow on electric immersion heaters and to give a signal or alarm when the pump on condenser cooling system shuts down.


  • T-body and Pipe-insert types available
  • Polycarbonate IP43 enclosure
  • Vapour tight IP 67 enclosure
  • Stainless steel Pipe-insert type
  • Large wiring space
  • Range screw easy accessible

Download the specification in Pdf format here     Download

F61 - Flow Switches for Liquid

Dimensions in mm