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(FX15 Classic)

The FX15 Field Controller (FX15 Classic) is a high performance field controller in the Facility Explorer system specifically designed for commercial Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration applications such as chillers and rooftops, indoor packaged air conditioning units, Air Handling Units (AHUs), and close control units. The FX15 has 27 physical inputs and outputs and supports a wide range of temperature sensors and actuating devices. Up to 64 additional physical inputs and outputs may be achieved by adding the XT/XP expansion modules on the Local N2 Open bus. The FX15 is fully programmable or configurable, using the FX Tools software package, for a wide range of commercial HVAC and refrigeration applications. The FX15 controller can be fitted with an optional communication card for integration into an N2 Open or LONWORKS® compatible Building Automation System. The FX15 also includes an onboard Real Time Clock to support the start-stop scheduling of equipment and real-time based control sequences.


  • Modular Communication Card options
  • On board Real-Time Clock
  • Freely programmable or configurable using FX Tools software package
  • Software selectable analog inputs
  • User interfaces, integral or remote

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FX15 - Field Controller

Dimensions in mm