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Single Phase

These Direct Mount pressure actuated condenser fan speed controllers are designed for speed variation of single-phase motors.

Head pressure control of a refrigeration system, through speed variation of the fan on an air-cooled condenser, results in optimum performance throughout the year.

A pressure actuated device, gives the most direct and fastest response to pressure variations in the refrigerant system. The controller varies the supply voltage to the motor from 30% to at least 95% over the proportional band using the phase cutting principle.

This provides speed variation of permanent split capacitor or shaded pole motors that do not draw more than 4 A (rms) full load current.

Cut-off models (fan stops at low pressure) as well as minimum speed models (fan keeps running at 30%) are available.

The controllers can be used in non-corrosive refrigerant systems.


  • Condenser pressure control by fan speed variation
  • Pressure input
  • Direct mount
  • Setpoint screw on top
  • Built-in suppression filter
  • IP65
  • Compact design
  • Attractive styling
  • Quick connector plug included

Download the specification in Pdf format here     Download

P215PR - Direct-Mount Single Phase Controller