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DN10...20, PN16

These valves are primarily designed to regulate the flow of water and steam in response to the demand of a controller in zone and terminal unit applications.

Following actuators are available:

  • VA-7047 and VA-7048 thermal ON/OFF actuators
  • VA-7067 thermal 0...10 VDC actuators
  • VA-747x floating and proportional actuators


  • Forged brass body, stainless steel stem and spring
  • Kvs 0,16...5
  • 2-way PDTC (normally open)
  • 3-way mixing
  • 3-way diverting
  • 3-way mixing and 3-way diverting with built-in bypass configurations
  • Fluid temperature 2...120 °C
  • BSPP and compression fitting body connections
  • Inherent flow characteristic: equal percentage
  • Rangeability 50:1

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V5000 - Thread Valves