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for Terminal Unit Valves


ON/OFF Control

The VA-707x series terminal unit valve actuators provide ON/OFF and DAT control in HAVC application.

The compact design of these actuators make them suitable for installations in confined spaces, such as fan-coil applications.

The VA-707x actuators are designed for field mounting onto all Johnson Controls terminal unit valves: VG6000, V5000, VG4000 and VG5000 (see pertinent bulletins).

Moreover, thanks to an innovative fixing system, the VA-707x is suitable for almost all the terminal unit valves in the market.


  • 24 VAC/DC and 230 VAC models
  • ON/OFF or DAT Controls
  • NC version (stem retracts when energized)
  • NO version (stem extends when energized)
  • Easy mounting solution (easy to install, no expert required)
  • Factory mounted cable 2 m

Download the specification in Pdf format here     Download

VA-707x - Linear Actuators
for Terminal Unit Valves