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iSMA Building JACE2/JACE6

The JACE 2 and JACE 6 are compact, DIN-rail mounting platforms utilising the NiagaraAX Framework® for integration, control and web serving. Ethernet and serial comms ports are included as standard. Plug-in option cards enable additional comms ports and a GPRS modem option to be added into 2 expansion slots within the unit. Up to 66 points of directly wired input and outputs can also be added via DIN rail mounted I/O modules.


Basic unit has 2 Ethernet ports plus one RS 232 and one RS 485 port.
A GPRS modem card can be fitted internally.
A third party dial-up or GPRS modem can be connected to a serial port, and a DSL modem/router can be connected to an Ethernet port, enabling IP communication for remote access and management.


Integrated Graphical Engineering Tool is embedded in JACE 2 and JACE 6 so engineering can be carried out from a browser.

Optional Modules

2 slots are available for plug-in communications modules

  • port FTT-10A port
  • 2 x RS485 ports
  • RS232 port
  • GPRS modem

Plug-on DIN rail mounted modules

  • 16 punkt├│w I/O - 8xUI, 4xAO, 4xDO- iSMA-B-16IO
  • 34 punkty I/O - 16xUI, 8xAO, 10xDO iSMA-B-34IO
  • 24V PSU module

Key features

  • Runs the NiagaraAX Framework
  • DIN rail mounting
  • 2 x Ethernet + 1 x RS232 and 1 x RS485 ports
  • Optional plug-in cards for comms & GPRS modem
  • Plug-in IO modules provide up to 66 points
  • 24Vac or 230V PSU options
  • Supports Open Communication networks LON, BACnet, KNX-IP, Modbus, M-bus, SNMP, Z-wave and oBIX
  • Full network management of LONworks devices
  • Built-in Web Server provides Graphical User Interface via Browser
  • Different licensed versions match different types and sizes of application

Download the specification in Pdf format here     Download

iSMA Building JACE