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for Plant Valves


Floating and Proportional Controls

The VA1000 valve-actuators are used to control valves in HVAC systems. They are of modular construction so that the required type of control signal is achieved simply by fitting a module with the required function in-situ. It can be mounted onto VG8000, VG8300 and VG9000 series valves.


  • 24 VAC and 230 VAC power supply
  • Floating and Proportional control
  • Manual override
  • Automatic stem coupling
  • Actuator fixed to valve with one ring nut
  • Self adjusting, automatic stroke adjustment, calibrated pressure control at the end positions
  • z 2 aux. switches, feedback potentiometer and split range unit available
  • IP66
  • Selectable characteristic curve
  • Selectable running time

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VA1000 - Linear Actuators
for Plant Valves