• Technical consultancy

    We support our customers in the selection of control and monitor equipment for HVAC&R processes.

  • Concepts of automation systems

    We prepare concepts of automation buildings systems for specific objects, depending on the degree of dispersion of the system and the level of wealth of the investor.

  • Engineering designs of automation systems

    We perform engineering designs of building automation systems, control panels, cable lines and supervisory systems BMS.

  • Assembling of control panels

    We assembly control panels according to our engineering designs as well as external.

  • PLC controllers programming

    We create control applications for PLC controllers such manufacturers as: JCI, Carel, Wago, Tridium.

  • Commissioning of automation system devices on a site

    In the case of control applications are carried out by ASSPIRE we make commissioning of automation system devices on site.

  • BMS supervisory systems configuration

    We configure supervisory systems BMS for building automation systems on the base of app such as: JCI (MS-ADX, MS-ADS, M3i, M5i) ICONICS (Genessis 64), Ascom (Asix), Tridium (Niagara).


Sales and distribution automation equipment for process control as follows:
  • Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Refrigeration